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About us

The National Union of Organic Operators is an independent professional association of farmers, transformers and distributors of natural or transformed agricultural products that are or will be produced in accordance with the organic production process.

UNObio also includes service firms that are directly or indirectly involved with organic production, such as suppliers of agricultural inputs, the Control and Certification bodies, training centres, etc.

The creation of the union was published in the Official Journal of Legal, regulatory and judicial announcements n°97 on the 11th of October 2019.


Ofering high quality products with a reduced impact on natural resources and on our health

Why Organic Farming?

The modern farming has affected our natural resources as well as the health of the farmer and the consumer. The statistics are quite alarming

Projects and Activities

A work programme based on strategic targets under the supervision of an elected head office.


We want to offer high quality products coming from a sustainable agriculture in order to reduce the impact of our consumption on our natural resources, our health and the health of farmers as well.
We strongly believe in the synergy between the different actors of the organic sector to develop the sector; working in partnership with the different public and private bodies is also a guarantee of success

Do you believe in sustainable agriculture and a more durable consumption with a reduced impact on our resources and our health?

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Do you believe in resilient agriculture and a durable consumption with a limited impact on our resources and health? Do you like to be involved in local activities, do you have time to devote to our projects and do you would like to support our different actions?


To achieve our goals, we are identifying different projects that are implemented thanks to the technical and financial support of partners who support resilient agriculture and sustainable consumption.

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The world' s leading country

in terms  of surface area cultivated with organic olives With 251,573 ha

First in Africa

in terms of area devoted to organic farming  with 325,817ha

24th in the world

out of 181 countries in terms of organic surfaces